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Startups, agencies, and enterprise teams all trust Four X Studio to elevate their motion graphics projects. Our creations are not just on-brand, but also well-researched, and we deliver them with lightning-fast turnaround times. Utilize our motion graphics studio to enrich your website, digital campaigns, collateral, and presentations.

Why Video Marketing is Important to Your Brand?

Smart Insights recently published new video marketing statistics for 2020. According to the article, 92 percent of marketers believe that video marketing is becoming more important. As a result, it should be a part of their strategies. In addition, 53 percent of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a social media video. According to the report, digital video advertising spending has increased by 53% since 2016.

The statistical data are clear: people are spending more time than ever before watching videos online. People prefer visual content and can process it 60,000 times faster than text, particularly when the image is moving. Animated content, in specific, captures consumers’ attention in less than a tenth of a second.


The video makes your brand impression lasting and memorable

John Lewis is one company that has used animation in advertising to great effect. John Lewis is well-known for its Christmas advertisements, many of which feature creative animation. People now associate the brand with the holiday season. The advertisements are well-known for their storytelling, use of various styles of animation, and the emotional and nostalgic responses they elicit, all while subtly advertising their products. This type of advertising has altered people’s perceptions of the brand, and most importantly, they remember it. When we first meet with a client, we are frequently asked how their brand can attract new business.

Simple to Understand

When dealing with a complex idea or product, attempting to explain it solely in text form can be difficult. The audience may or may not connect and engage with the copy, depending on how it is written and how technical it is. Copy and flat images do not always bring an idea to life in the same way that an animated video does.

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