Compound Words: Guidelines, Frequent Mistakes, and Why They Question

Compound Words: Guidelines, Frequent Mistakes, and Why They Question

Heres the one thing in regards to the English language, in basic, thats not merely particular to compound words: Its high in pitfalls errors that are simple can alienate visitors, switch off readers, and annoy buyers.

Thats why Copyblogger has historically placed an emphasis that is heavy avoiding incorrect spelling and use, such as for example these 11 typical sentence structure mistakes.

As soon as youve been achieving this for as long youre going to discover even more common errors as we have. The newest for me, however, happens to be a number of substances.

What is a compound word? you ask let me demonstrate the reason.

What exactly is a word that is compound?

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A compound word is merely a term this is certainly created from a couple of other terms. Typically, the brand new mixture of terms produces a brand new or wider meaning.

Compound terms often produce writing errors since its very easy to forget if theyre spelled as you term or two terms. When they arent double-checked (see just what i did so here?) by the editor, they could result in errors that are glaring.

Kinds of element terms

You can find three primary kinds to consider: available ingredient terms, shut element words, and hyphenated compound words.

When we take a good look at each one of these, youll not only be better positioned to identify a compound term in the long run, youll additionally reduce on spelling mistakes.

Open substance terms

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I believe the available variety are probably the most tricky to identify. a vital attribute for this type is the fact that theyre two split terms frequently employed together.

Since theyre two separate terms, it could be confusing to spot them. But, you realize theyre mixture terms since they have to be printed in a particular purchase to realize a particular meaning.


  • Relationship building
  • Coffee dining table
  • Yoga pad

Each separate term is a noun, however the combination creates more descriptive language.

Closed element terms

Given that weve covered available substances, shut substance terms should always be pretty easy.

They combine two nouns into an individual term to generate a compound term with a various meaning.


  • Eyeglasses
  • Frontrunner
  • Handwriting

Notice how each term is really a standard term that is broken on to two split terms. a word that is compoundnt a blend of two terms, such as for instance a portmanteau.

Hyphenated element terms

Hyphenated mixture terms can be simply confused with open people. Often, an author shall hyphenate terms if they is divided with an area, or vice versa.


  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Long-form
  • Part-time

Seasoned authors know that each time they hyphenate term, they should look within the meaning and spelling to validate that their option to hyphenate is accurate. Particularly because some hyphenated substances are hyphenated whenever utilized as an adjective not hyphenated if theyre put after nouns.


  • Sue is a writer that is part-time.
  • Sue works in your free time.

Nevertheless perhaps perhaps not convinced you ought to double-check? Keep learning

Compound word errors which may allow you to seem like a numbskull

If youre prepared to break the bad practice of permitting compound word errors operate rampant in your writing, review these typical slide ups that may trip up your audience.

It does not take much extra time and energy to make sure that your content isnt tarnished with careless mistakes.

Never ever mind vs. nevermind

Lets blame Kurt Cobain, because from the time the poster youngster for Generation Xs cold temperatures of discontent christened Nirvanas world-altering album Nevermind, Ive always spelled never mind as a word that is compound.

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